10 Proven Reasons Why Pick Up Lines Actually Work

If, as a man currently playing the dating game, you think that as asking a woman if it hurt when she fell from heaven or asking her what it’s like to be the most beautiful woman in the room is little more than fast-road to rejection, you’re not alone. Most men view pick up lines as humorous punchlines that they would never try in the real world. Be this as it may, many women see them differently, and when it comes to the effectiveness of a pick up line, it’s the woman’s opinion that counts. With this in mind, listed below are ten completely legitimate, proven reasons why pick up lines actually work.

1. Pick Up Lines are Humor, and Humor Works

Quite probably the number one reason why pick up lines work is the fact that they’re funny. Women love humor, and they love men who are able to make them laugh. In fact, according to multiple studies, including a survey of 250 undergraduate students, humor and playfulness are the number one qualities women are looking for in a potential partner. Approaching a woman and telling them a pick up line is essentially the same as approaching them and telling them a joke, except it comes across in a way that is playful and flirtatious. If you can get a woman laughing (in a good way) at the very start of a conversation, then you’ve got her attention.

2. Pick Up Lines Get You Talking

In the dating game, saying most anything is better than saying nothing at all. After all, even if you get turned down, you’re no worse off than where you started from. The beauty of pick up lines is that they get you saying something. Having something in mind to say to a woman when you approach her helps you overcome approach anxiety, which is one of the biggest hurdles to success with women.

3. Pick Up Lines Give You the Chance to be Original

It may seem that pick up lines are the exact opposite of original, and, in many cases that is true. However, since most women will have heard all of the top pick up lines in the book already, coming up with a good one that they haven’t heard before is impressive and will make you seem original and creative. Instead of recycling the most common lines, really dig deep to find a great line that hasn’t yet become overused, or make up one of your own. If you can come up with a great line that a woman has never heard before, you can bet that she’ll at least be marginally impressed.

4. Most Pick Up Lines are Compliments in Disguise

At their heart, the best pick up lines are compliments disguised by layers of humor and wit—and compliments work. Everyone, men and women alike, appreciates being complimented. Approaching a woman with an ordinary compliment, though, can come across as a little weak and desperate. Disguising a compliment in the form of a witty pick up line, though, allows you to compliment a woman while still seeming confident and aloof, and that’s a powerful combination.

5. Pick Up Lines Ooze Confidence

Speaking of seeming confident, nothing could possibly be more confident than approaching a woman at the bar and boldly telling her a pick up line that most men would never have enough nerve to actually say, all the while with a relaxed smile on your face. Time and time again, confidence is listed as one of the things women find most attractive in potential partners, and pick up lines ooze confidence. As long as you deliver them in a bold, confident way, nothing conveys more confidence than a great pick up line.

6. Pick Up Lines Reduce the Odds of You Stumbling over Your Words

Rehearsing a script is a lot easier than improv acting. In the world of approaching women, having a pick up line in mind is equivalent to having a script to read off of, and it greatly reduces the chances of you stumbling over your words. Just rehearse the line a few times in your head before you approach the girl of your dreams, and chances are you’ll be able to get it right no matter how nervous you are.

7. Pick Up Lines Convey Intent

Many men struggle with conveying intent to women. Human social constructs are weird, and for some reason, people are expected to convey the fact that they like someone without just coming right out and saying so. It’s a fine line that requires you to be obvious in your intent without ever saying it out loud. Fortunately, pick up lines allow you to do just that. Every woman on earth knows that a guy is interested in her if he approaches her with a pick up line. Yet at the same time, pick up lines are a little more subtle, aloof, and mysterious than just coming out and professing your love.

8. Pick Up Lines Paint You as a Rule Breaker

Many women love a guy who goes against the crowd. Most men don’t believe that pick up lines actually work. Likewise, most men aren’t bold enough to try them. You, however, are different. You’re a rule breaker who defies convention. At least that’s how you’ll appear to many women if you approach them with a great pick up line.

9. Research Says Pick Up Lines Work

Still not convinced that pick up lines actually work? What if we told you that research proves they work and work well? Real researchers have asked real women which pick up lines they’ve heard and which ones have worked. These polls and surveys show time and time again that yes, women do enjoy certain pick up lines if they are clever and respectful, and yes, they have given their number to/gone on dates with men who approached them with pick up lines. The proof is in the numbers, and the numbers say that there’s at least a decent chance that a good pick up line will work.

10. Pick Up Lines Have a Long History

It may feel like pick up lines are a fairly recent trend, and it is true that they have just recently become somewhat of an icon in our culture. Nevertheless, pick up lines have been around for ages. Watch any number of classic films and you’ll see the daring hero make his way across the room, approach a beautiful lady, and tell her what almost always amounts to a pick up line. These witty one-liners have been used throughout history, and that kind of staying power has got to count for something.

A Word of Caution

Good pick up lines work, but not all pick up lines are good ones. If you are hoping to have real success with pick up lines, stay away from ones that are crude or demeaning. These will almost never have the desired result, unless your desired result is to be slapped or have a drink thrown in your face. Secondly, you’ll also probably want to stay away from pick up lines that are focused on complimenting yourself rather than the woman you are talking to. While these probably won’t get you an as turned-off of reaction as crude and demeaning pick up lines, they still don’t work very well most of the time.

Try out a Pick Up Line Today!

The exciting conclusion is that pick up lines do indeed work, and there are a number of reasons why. Next time you’re scrambling for something to say to the beautiful lady you’ve been eyeing, try out a great pick up line and see how it goes!