Tinder Pick Up Lines

Tinder pick up lines are the most important to get right. That’s why we’ve went to great lengths to design pick up lines that deliver humor and convey intent – all while interacting over a messenger-based interface (which can be tricky!). Pick up lines on Tinder can be highly effective with a receptive match, so make sure the line you use is a good fit for the person you’re talking to – you can get a feeling of this by how receptive your match is to playful banter + emoticons. Lots of pick up lines in this collection are good openers – you may even choose to use them as such to weed out the matches who don’t have a good sense of humor. If you learn to use them correctly, this collection of tinder pick up lines has the potential to get you more responses, faster! As an added bonus, add your own slant to any of these pick up lines to paint yourself as a rule breaker!

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